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Based on the multiyear experience in the financial and military sector, we are able to support you with our multi-domain consulting services in the areas of cyber security, cyber incident handling, it-infrastructure hardening, security logging and monitoring, advanced malware prevention and continuous improvement.


With our “security by design” architecture consulting services we are able to fundamentally reduce your attack surface and optimize your “Return On Security Investment”

Detect and Improve

We consult you with our “hands-on” experience in Security Analysis and Security Hardening.


We offer 12 years of experience in Security Operations and Cyber Security Incident Management

Our areas of expertise

Strategy & Architecture

We support you in creating the security architecture that fits your risk profile or review the existing one for potential gaps.

Log collection & correlation

We provide a large experience in the conceptional design and implementation of log collection solutions as (e.g. Splunk, osquery) and the correlation of these logs into meaningful cybersecurity events.

Cyber Incident Response

As certified experts in handling cyber incidents, we support you in the entire process from the detection of a cyber security incident until its closure.

Denial of Service Defense

We offer "hands-on" experience in the prevention and mitigation of DDoS attacks against your company network or remote site locations.

Cyber Education and Awareness

We train your team, project members, military staff and exposed individuals as well as their families in the domains: security operations, data leakage, phishing and safe social media usage.

PCI DSS 3.0 Network design

We provide you with a network design and zoning concept to reduce the scope of your PCI DSS audit and to improve the protection of your credit card holder data.

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Data Theft Over The Network Using The Remote Spectre Attack

At the University of Technology in Graz in Austria researchers have been able to prove that Spectre attacks can be launched remotely without the need to execute arbitrary code on the targeted machine.  The researchers,

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